Madhu EP

by Madhu

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released August 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Madhu Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Madhu Intro
"Madhu is... how do I say? It's like a taste of honey, that sort of thing. He's so sweet, in other words.

It's a different beat, different timing, different sound.
All these things. y'know?

It's fantastic.

And they say, that the world will remember..
I think. I might be wrong on that. I'm just surmising that"
Track Name: The Prodigal One
It was going so well, until you, you said a word

people stop and staring back, what you think you're playing at
everybody knows the rules, don't go acting like a fool
I don't wanna be, stuck in the middle with courtesy
etiquette tells me to act that way, but I'll never let that dictate

You talk like you're respected, you earnt it now you spent it

Trouble, trouble and lies [anything will suffice]
to get you on your way

Don't compare yourself to me, searching for some clarity
I'm working hard with nothing to show, you were the one who told me so
You'll never see, why everyone won't leave you be
until the time you need them the most, it comes around at the greatest cost

You talk like you're respected
how come you stand alone
you earnt it now you spent it
and you are on your own
Track Name: Together, We Are Alone
there's no need to be sorry
just tell me what's the hurry
We're learning what we already know

so long to know each other
I've really grown to love ya
even though it doesn't always show

sometimes you feel the strain just
to learn to deal with pain just
to know that everything is okay

It's never really too late
too hard is not a reason
It happens or it doesn't either way

tie it up or let it go
light it up and send me home
breathe the fire set the stone
be together on your own

give me all your reasons but none of it adds up
your mind changes like seasons you're unhappy for what?
Track Name: Crystal
Never would say never if I ever could, but that's just dreaming
gotta keep reaching a compromise, but that's just living
tell everyone that I'm feeling fine, cos that's the truth
do you look at life like a finish line, do you look to the side at this point in time

Taxing the ambitions of the free world, is that way of thinking
a revolution starts with a whisper, or from a painting
looking forward to meeting you, in all your beauty
looking forward to leaving you, with gratification
Track Name: Buy or Die
put on your necklace, there are many more like it but this one is yours
it's a special occasion, with a beautiful poem in someone else's words
I never was too good with gifts, my presence is present enough

Everything is just, product of a system
nobody likes it, but they don't have a choice
Everyone is just, product of a system
nobody likes you, but they don't have a choice